Not my best friend to say the least.

First off, I am summer baby. Second, I hate being cold. Thus the lack of love for the winter!

But really what bugs me about this time of the year is how I feel.

I become unmotivated to do anything. I want to stay under the covers and drink tea.

But this “want” to say inside, ultimately leaves me feeling confined to my room. So a level of anxiety and stress sets in and I feel I am on a hamster wheel of winter weather blues.

Lately I have been journaling as a way to flush out the emotions in my body. I’ll draw or write whatever comes to mind.

For this week, what’s resonating with me and showing up a lot as I journal is Breathe Easy.

I like to bring myself back to my breath as a reminder that I am in control of myself. My reactions and emotions are not beyond me. I can choose how I want to feel.

How I get to a place of feeling calm is by breathing easy.

I take the time to just notice my breath and how my chest rises and falls. It’s in these moments that I find my center and sense of grounded-ness.

Breathing reminds me that I am here on Earth, not only in my head.

So when you feel confined to your space and the winter blues are settling in, take a few moments to breath easy.

It’s that simple.


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