2015 is here.

The Universe gives us the blessing of a free reset button. We can turn over a new leaf, make better choices, and set positive intentions.

But with that comes this looming pressure—the pressure to be better than the last year, to not make as many mistakes as in the past, and to let the past be the past for good.

The anxious Tessa inside my head has been freaking out! It feels as if have to get things “right” from the start.

Eat more greens. Do more cardio. Go to bed earlier. Watch less Netflix. Read more books.

Basically, be awesome all the damn time…NOW!

So at 7:30 this morning I dragged my ass out of bed to do an hour cardio because I felt guilty that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be taking advantage of the reset button.

If I didn’t get my sweat on, it’d be like me saying, “F* You 2015! I’m going to do the same shit, I’ve always done and I don’t care.”

I did my hour of cardio out of guilt and fear. I felt guilty for being guilt tripped into doing cardio (this is where my diagnosis of OCD is SO accurate).

As I showered this morning, I realized that 2015 wasn’t going to be about working towards being better.

See 2015, for me, is about setting the intention to feel good.

Because when I focus on feeling good, I make the choices that are best for me.

I eat more greens. I exercise more. I take more mindful moments. I create more miracles.

I do these things not because I am guilted into doing them.These choices come naturally because they are rooted in the intention of feeling my best.

I challenge you to ask yourself this, “Am I making these choices in my life because I think I should or because I feel good when I do these things?”

Let’s dive deeper. Let’s define feeling good.

When I exercise and eat healthful foods, feeling good is timeless. There’s no limit to the abundance of joy I feel and radiate.

But when I do things like eat too much sugar or stay up late watching Netflix, I feel good in the moment, but later I feel completely awful.

This authentic bliss I’m taking about lasts because it’s there’s no guilt or fear attached to it.

Let’s bliss-out in health and wellbeing this 2015 not because we should, but because we deserve to  feel good!

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